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Ready to take a call from evil in the flesh? Then follow us as we check out the new to DVD flick “Devil May Call” out now from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. We review and see if death minds being put on hold below!


The Flick: Grounded by an interesting story and even more realistic acting work, “Devil May Call” has some surprising moments of greatness. Corri English is wonderful and genuine as a gal blinded in an accident who now answers phones at a suicide hotline, while Tyler Mane channels his inner bad guy as a serial killer calling about being tormented by his dark deeds. And while there is some standard slasher stuff, there’s also some very notable character work – especially when the two leads meet. Plus add to that a very tasty turn by Traci Lords as a frisky co-worker and some very stylish and effective dark direction by filmmaker Jason Cuadrado and you’ve got a flick a cut above the slice and dice genre.

Best Feature: The feature length ‘Commentary’ by Cuadrado is a great listen, complete with insight and tips that make it well worth checking out.

Best Hidden Gem: Cuadrado’s chilling short film ‘Monstrous Nature’ is also included and features great work by “The Shield’s” Camillia Monet who is also in the “Devil May Call.”

Worth the Moola: Surprisingly effective, this is one wicked call fans should answer.